What HCW offers you ....

Incident Response

The Control Room will react immediately to a call-out from a contributor and send a patrol vehicle to you, unless it is busy with another call-out, in which case the patrol will request back-up from another vehicle. Response times are well within the industry standard and can be as short as 1 or 2 minutes depending on circumstances.

Proactive Patrols

HCW has a dedicated 24-hour, 7 days -a- week proactive patrol by fully trained and experienced officers in roving patrol vehicles that are constantly on the lookout for suspicious people and activities. This service is significantly enhanced by calls from contributors reporting any suspicious activity. If you see any suspicious people or behaviour, contributors can report it to the Control Room immediately and request that the Control Room contact you back to give feedback on the incident.

Single Contact Number

Contributors can call the Control Room at any time of day or night, for any emergency or to report any suspicious activity.

Rendezvous Service

You are able to call the Control Room to to send a patrol vehicle to meet you at your gate when arriving home late at night or if you suspect suspicious activity in and around your home or street and do not wish to enter alone. This service is especially useful to single people and the elderly. Just call in about 10 minutes earlier and we will try to be there for you.

Medical Emergency Response

If you have an medical emergency, call the Control Room who will despatch paramedics to you. Our Patrol Officers are also able to assess a medical emergency situation and then call for the required assistance.

Safety and Security Alerts

In conjunction with the South African Police Services and members of the community who have reported crime incidents, we inform our contributors of crime incidents and trends in the area. We do this by regularly emailing updates and alerts to our contributors. We also give regular tips to help our contributors avoid becoming victims of crime.

K-9 Division

The Vetus Schola K-9 Division is built from Police Trainers, officers with years of specialist operational and professional experience.

Holiday Patrols

If you are going away and your house will be left vacant for an extended period of time, let our office know. More frequent patrols past your property and perimeter inspections can be arranged.

Roadside Assistance

HCW will provide roadside assistance to our contributors anywhere within the Helderberg Basin.

Other Emergencies

We pride ourselves on being able to help our contributors, and have helped with all sorts of other emergencies - like trees being blown down and blocking access to a house, or floods - evacuating people out of their houses.