Letters from our Contributors

“I signed up from the beginningof August and did not expect to use your service so soon. We had a street person disturbance outside our house at around 01h40 on Saturday morning. Still half asleep I remembered HCW and the phone was answered after one ring. The operator very professionally took my call and within 4 minutes two Vetus Schola vehicles were outside our house. The took control of the situation very professionally and politely, allowing me to get back to bed.” ~ Glen Hurlow

“Thank you and well done!!!!! We appreciate your dedication” ~ Anton & Brenda Gericke

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to the VS guys who spotted where our fence had been kicked in and took the time and trouble to locate my husband and then waiting until he arrived. It’s great knowing that help is at hand (even before knowing we needed it)” ~ Julia van Eden

“Thank you for your February Newsletter. On behalf of the Mountain View Close residents it is a pleasure and a privilege to congratulate HCW on being awarded Civic Honors for outstanding service to the Community. Please convey our congratulations and appreciation to all members of the HCW team. It is reassuring and comforting to know that your efforts to secure our neighborhood are yielding ongoing improvements and success in the never-ending battle against crime. We wish HCW and Vetus Schola Boland further ongoing successes in combating crime and building a security industry best practice community policing entity.” ~ Max Braun

“For some years now I have been a member of HCW. I guess this is one of my many letters thanking you for lowering the stress of living in our crime dominated SA. For the first time in years I’m becoming more relaxed knowing HCW in patrolling our streets. Keep up the good work” ~ Phil Marshal

“Tonight a wonderful staff member of HCW stopped and helped me after I broke down in Parel Vallei Road. Although my car kind of started after being pushed 50m, it was nice to know that I was safe while waiting for my car to start. THUMBS UP GUYS. Awesome service.” ~ Katheryn Sellars

“Many thanks for your wonderful service. You certainly have and continue to make a REAL / DEFINITE DIFFERENCE…. Which is MUCH APPRECIATED!” ~ Jennifer Mellish

“Thank you HCW and your excellent service provider for the top class work you are doing in our town!! Muchas gracias!!” ~ Rob Harding